We are a team of specialists in architecture and interior design, with over 10 years of experience in different companies, both nationally and internationally. The spaces we create are based on the vision and identification of your needs and at the same time inspired by nuances, harmony and contrast. Our goal is also to generate and transmit certain experiences, so that space users feel more creative, more productive, more relaxed.

Cristina Hernán Mateos
Architect & Interior Designer

...WHAT WE DO...



We coordinate the project in the implementation phase and provide site support. We set the schedule of works, the estimated estimate, we offer the materials and objects included in the project, keep in touch with the suppliers and offer optimal solutions depending on the situation.


Do you have a new space you want to set up or an existing one that no longer meets your requirements and you do not know what to turn it into? Let's get to know each other, to talk about your vision and how we can meet your needs. We will show you all the steps we go through, from the stage of thought to the smallest detail.

We realize the complete project, structured in clear stages, from the concept phase to the execution details; choose colors, materials, create 3D photorealistic images and set furniture pieces, systems and accessories. We also prepare all the plans and specifications required for other team's development and contractor's execution. 



18  /  02  /  2019

Mambo studio visiting Maison & Object in Paris, being dully updated with the latest trends, new brands, etc...


15  /  04  /  2019

Puebla de Alcocer, Restoration of the Castle and new Library design coming soon by Mambo Studio.


24  /  01  /  2019

Las Vegas in Siberia of Extremadura. Eurovegas international investors interested in the area.