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This outdoor terrace furniture showroom, with a low budget and unique creativeness as it would be the Main showroom in Qatar was the briefing from the client who was wondering to bring some uniqueness to this branch to be visited by executive businessmen.

All the shop has been designed to recreate different outdoor look & feel views in a very abstract way as if it was a static magazine image ready to be observed and feel.

The main key points to achieve this abstract goal was the water element: using a blue epoxy finish as the circulation path around the shop and the projected shadows over the walls of plants and masharabiyas as if it was an exterior where the sun is the main character with a detailed lighting plan development working as a theatre to achieve all this lights and shadows of real outdoor life.

The black frames, are just the abstract way to frame and stop the view in a perfect instant for the customer to appreciate the fantastic high-end furniture in a remarkable surrounding.


Outdoor furniture showroom

180 sqm

Design & Build by others


Mall of Qatar, Doha, Qatar



June 2019